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Michael Thomas Dunn

Stunning good looks. Level-headed. Smart. The whole package is here. Michael Thomas Dunn has stormed the Entertainment Industry and carved out a niche for himself. He is a traditional method actor with an untraditional flair.

Dunn has quickly risen to stardom through many diverse roles in several incredible indepedent films. He began his career in modest indepedent films like 1995's Holding On and the 1998 cult classic Midnight Conflict. Though these films were certainly short on budget, Dunn still showed a flair for acting. His style also appears effortless -- Michael makes it look easy in a manner reminiscent of Tom Cruise's earlier films.

What many people don't realize about Dunn is that he is also an occasional independent film maker... And actually, he's a damn good one. He directed the 1999 Independent Film The Standoff as well as star in it. Michael really has an unusual style for direction -- his use of color is also unlike any other. Call the look "MTV meets Film-Noir", but whatever it is... Its a Dunn trademark.

He is currently filming an independent feature entitled Alone and Restless. Once again, Michael will serve as director -- as well star in the film (he also co-wrote the screenplay). Between all of these projects, he's also made appearances on several hit television series including The Cape and Mortal Kombat: Conquest.

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