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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo, a seasoned veteren. DiCaprio has been acting for more than a decade. He started out in small TV shows like The New Lassie and The Outsider to gain experience. But Leonardo wasn't content with anything small and moved into high profile shows like Roseanne and Growing Pains.

He continued to push. Despite setbacks like the much-maligned Romeo and Juliet, he moved forward toward breakthrough films like James Cameron's Titanic. While this film only netted him about a $250,000 paycheck (since he landed the lead role on a 200 million dollar project, it was merely pocket change) -- the incredible amount of exposure from the film cemented his status as a film superstar.

But DiCaprio wants dramatic roles. He doesn't like action films and hesitated in accepting the role in Titanic because of its intense action sequences. He'd rather do films like The Man in the Iron Mask or even flops like The Beach (while the film tanked at the box office, the characters were rich and full of depth).

The future for DiCaprio? He will appear in the upcoming film The Gangs of New York.

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